The Immersion Program is designed to help your team gain the maximum proficiency in the use of Eclipse, Java, JEE technologies, and open source software in the least amount of time >>

Espirity specializes in Eclipse development, Object-Oriented methodologies, Java technologies, and open source software and standards. Our expertise derives from years of developingwith objects, especially with Eclipse, Java and JEE. We have built our expertise by working with clients all over the world, and we have combined this comprehensive experience with the academic environment to create solution-based set of services. Our mandate is to help customers in using Eclipse, applying Object-Oriented methodologies, Java Enterprise Edition technologies, and open source software in their environments.
You can rely on our expertise in developing large scale applications using Eclipse and other open source software >>
iParked is a text messaging parking solution that makes parking simple and convinient for parking users, and helps parking providers to manage their parking operation effectively >>

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